Noll Finds a Little Nipper in the Nip Patch

Talk about a birthday surprise! 
Look what arrived
on My Own's 54th
day of birth.....

A handful of kitteh!

She landed in my Nip Patch.
With me, unawares...

I will not share.....I do not care,
 if she is cute.
She eyes my chair.
Plays with my toys!
She's too much bounce for us old boys.

Did I mention
She was served stinky goodness
 on my "Hello Kitty" plate?

There she goes again,
putting on her 'lovey' look.
Getting all comfy.
"Chirping" like a bird.
She's a calico with tabby colors.
My Own coos....
"She has touches of burnt sienna,
and streaks of sepia on her cheeks"
(Oh bother!)

She runs like the wind!
There is no surface
she hasn't tried to scale.
Narrow window ledges, rails.
She has sharp teeth
and razor-like nails!
I HAVE felt them on my tail!!!!

Penelope Pinfeather is her given name.
Already, she has nicknames:
Princess P.
Little Miss Henny-Pen.
Sweetie Face.
 Penny Poo-Poo.

Penny Poo-Poo...Now, THAT name fits ;)