Noll's Third Annual NIP-a-PO-LOOZA

Yes my lady cats & genteel mancats,
it's that time again!


Time to raid my premium gold reserve

The hot summer sun infused this year's nip
with a robust, piquant aroma.
And the flavor?!

Purrrely Divine.

Gaze upon the verdant bounty.
Then dive my fine felines,
dive on into the fresh!

Take your time.
Rock out with the nip!

When you start to feel peckish,
Grab a pawful of Crispies!
And join me inside for some dried nip.

"Nom, Nom, Nom."
It's OK to chew with your mouth open!

It's also purrfectly acceptable
 to lick the carpet.

During NIP-a-PO-LOOZA,
I don't stand on formality.

Because I don't STAND.....period!