Noll Reflects on "The Naming of Cats"

A wise poet named T.S. Elliot once wrote that cats ‘must have three names. I affirm this to be true. Triplets are the norm. However, some lucky cats have multiple second names. Of course, I am such a cat!

Multiple seconds are, without a doubt, a confirmation of a cat’s lofty status and importance to the universe. The more the seconds, the higher the position. But, I digress. Back to the naming of cats.

First, is the “everyday” or common name. Whilst the second name is a particular and singular name; the third, well, only the cat himself knows this.

For the cats lodged within my abode, here be our names.

First: Luigi
Second: Peegeemouse, Meejamousie, Dawg
Himself Knows: *************

First: Tiggy
Second: Tiggamousie, Tiggums, Tiggerlie
Himself Knows: **************

First: Squeaker
Second: Keekerwee, Uncle Keaks, Peekapee, Meekameeks
Himself Knows: *************

First: Noll
Second: Didapolls, Nolliepolliemon, Nolliemouse, Pollieness!
Himself Knows: His Royal Feline-niferousness of Catnip Row, Verge & Verdant Climes: Eminently Noll the First