Noll's Tale of Whoa Turns to Woe!

Whilst I was walking My Own around last night, we happened upon the catnip patch. "Whoa" I commanded. And, she obeyed. In control, I took my leisure. I nibbled around the edges. Sniffed for foreign smells. Got tangled in last year's growth. Unfortunately, I took a little too long. Whilst I lingered, the wheels in her head had been turning.

Without missing a beat, she pulled clippers from her pocket. Standing in front of the patch (my catnip patch), she declared, "No time like the present."

So quickly I went from "WHOA" to "WOE!"

I dare say, My Own is cleverly fast. I watched in shock and awe as leaves, grass and catnip stalks all ended up in the same unceremonious heap!

A thunderclap exploded in my brain as I realized
it was all going into the compost pile.

Whatever happened to waste not want nip?