Noll Remembers Butch

As I found out from my dear friends Jack and Moo, the great Iditarod is underway today. 

What better way to remember a husky than on a such a day.  Although he never physically ran the race, like all huskies, Butch's spirit ran.  When Butch walked, even on the hottest summer day, Butch pulled with his shoulders - his chest pushing forward - as if he were moving a train.  When it snowed, Butch rolled and cavorted in it; he nibbled snow like a frozen treat.  He plucked the snowflakes from the air.  The cold nurtured an energy inside him that knew no limit.  I know, that if he would have been given the chance, Butch would have been the lead dog. 

In Memory of Butchie Boogie..........

Mush my beauty....MUSH!