Noll Presents Penny's "Stinky" Poem

Thoughts on a Stink Bug Duly Met!
A Poem of Renown
by Penelope Pinfeather
Stinky stink bug on the wall,
Come down closer,
Closer crawl.
A little closer.
Lower is all
I ask of you,
to lower crawl.
Below I sits
with open paws
Green eyes flickering,
flexing claws.
Stinky stink bug on the wall
Cats divine Patience over all!
We may not meet this very night,
Yet this I know is true:
I know of "You!"
So bide your time,
Stinky stink.
Live awhile on high.
 For soon,
soon will follow
from your safe corner hollow,
your downward journey nigh.
To meet Patience
wrapped in fur;
And a most purrfect
and excellent end!
The End
(of my poem & my muse formerly known as stinky stink)