Noll As "Random Cat of the Day"

I humbly.....yeah, right.....

I proudly announce - today, March 27th - I will join the many illustrious & magnificent cats who have been specially spotlighted as "Random Cat of the Day." It is a beautiful thing, being a "random" cat!

To all my fellow felines who have gone before me in this honor, I say "cheers to us!" And, to those toying with the thought of web glory, I say "go for it!"

Look for me using the web link at the bottom of my blog page on the 27th. For those who cannot stand the wait, click on this link for a preview:


Yours in Felinity.......Noll

P.S., I'm told I'll be archived! I can click on myself every day to infinity! I can't contain my giddiness ;)