Noll on Their Unexpected Visitor

After 30 odd years locked in a glass hutch alongside porcelain and silver, 'Simba' Steiff seized upon the invitation of an open door. He bolted for the great outdoors! Realizing freedom, 'Simba' Steiff explored a world he had never known.

The simple wooden rail proved exhilarating. The heights made 'Simba' Steiff giddy. Eager for more adventure, his stiff Steiffed legs led him down the magical mushroom path.....

and into a bit of nip...Noll's Nip! Actually, it was a whole lot of premium nip. 'Simba' Steiff had, quite simply, entered the third dimension!

Plied with nip, high as a post, 'Simba' Steiff was beyond containment. From his perch, he spied the 'UnSteiff Cats,' staring out the screen door at him. All those long years, the 'UnSteiffs' had simply passed him by without nary a glance. 'Simba' Steiff wanted back in!