Noll on the Coming of Fall

Photo & Poem by Kareen
The warm sun slanting,
Dew drops glimmering,
A soft-warm breeze tickling
The catnip leaves.
Sweet-September morn!
The last of the yellow daisies bend
-Like the rays of the golden sun-
A little lower to the land.
A cheep, a chirping,
The scurrying
Of a fat-black cricket
Into the cool-damp.
I feel a waning:
A need to say goodbye
To the tiny-white alyssum,
The tender-green grass,
The effervescent hummingbird.
Farewell to chasing
Brittle-gray moths
Fluttering in the sky.
Time cannot be commanded.
The rays that drench the earth,
pour out as milk in a bowl -
I sit lapping, lapping!
As much as I can.