Noll Wishes You a "Happy Day of Earth"

Today is the day set aside to remind us to be gentle.

Gentle to the Earth.
Her trees dripping like confectioner's icing - white and sugar pink - some the blush color of a wedding cake rosette. Her trees delicate to the sight, sweet to the smell.

Her Dutchman's breeches pulling up their little pant-shaped flowers through the leaf litter - fern like leaves unfolding around the rich, butter-cream colored blooms. Quietly stating, "We have returned."

Her stately blue herons along the Olentangy, each at their designate fishing hole. Still. Patient in the wait, as the murky waters rush by. The slow rhythm of life beating out separate from the bustling world of men.

Here and there, the Bradford pear strews its white petals like confetti in the air and on the ground; as if to say - 'Hooray!'

"Hooray," for the Earth that brings us green things; things on wings, the wind, the water and the melodies of life.