Noll's Update on the St. Petersburg Road Trip

Road trip!
Well, not for Moi
but for the humans....

Here's Corrie on day two of her
3-month rotation at Bay Front Hospital.
Clever girl for choosing a warm
and sunny locale for her OT internship ;)

Before she began her training,
everyone enjoyed a trip to Sawgrass Lake Park.
The sun is mirrored in the water
and the lily pads float like little boats.
So very tranquil. 
Listen to the insects chirp a merry tune.
But beware!
Gators lurk in the murk....

This frisky squirrel
lives in Sawgrass Lake Park
with those hungry alligators. 
Enjoy your berries but
Mind your step Mr. Squirrel!

This signs reads: 
 Do Not Feed or Molest...
the gators might mistake your hand for a handout!

I hope Mr. Squirrel
knows how to read!