Noll's Garden Tour - Harvest Time in the Nip Patch

Before she left for Maine (and abandoned us for a week),
My Own planted some variegated cat grass.
You can read all about "her" experience here: 

Or just gaze at this lovely photo.
Nice to look at for sure....better to nom.
Can you see the little nommy marks we made?

Here we have some yellow and green bush beans. 
 These were harvested on Monday. 
I didn't get too excited about them
because, well, they are afterall just beans.

The watermelons are getting bigger.
Regular watering is plumping these beauties up.
This gets the humans excited.
I hears the smacking of lips already!

The catnip by the garage, the patch I liked to
hide in, has been harvested.
Look who thinks he's "King of the Hill!"
Tiggy fell asleep atop my nip!

That's all for this week.
Hope you enjoyed the harvest tour.
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