Noll on Charity

Once a year, the closets are turned inside out;
the wardrobe and stacking trays too. 
 It is an interesting time. 
We hears funny comments like,
"The cleaners shrunk my clothes." 

  I especially like to climb into the spaces
 created by this annual, end-of-the-year ritual. 

You can always count on Uncle Keaks
 to do quirky things;
Like a square dance
in a rectangular pine wardrobe.

Three times round, and out he goes!

My Own & her family
might make the donation decisions,
however, my role in this endeavor
 is the most importantest!

I console the gently-loved clothes.  
I snuggle under them, giving comfort.
I rest my Nollie head
upon them one last time. 

Before they are packed up and spirited away
 to a place known as "Goodwill,"I impart a hair or two for remembrance.

Then, I gently pat each one and whisper: 

"There, there, you will find a new home."