Noll Horses Around

Here Horsie Horsie.

Whoa Horsie Horsie....Whoa!!!

Too close!  Too Close!!!
I can counts all of your chin whiskers.


Noll Packs It In.....

Just when things seem back to normal,
the suitcases come out!
The lovely bean girl graduate
 is heading off to Pennsylvania
 for her 3 month practicum.

Of course, everyone knows,
a cat's place is IN the suitcase.
Silly of you to ask!

Yes, I realize these clothes are freshly washed!
I do have a keen sense of smell you know.
I'm sniffing.....hmmm "Ocean Breeze."

Oh quit your fuzzbusting....
I'm as clean as these clothes!


Noll's Wordless Wednesday


Noll on Tiggy's BIG Easy

Those stripes need their
beauty sleep!

That's why he's easy,
....Easy Like Sunday Morning......


Noll's Fish Friday



<º))))><     <º))))><     <º))))><     <º))))><

Time fur Efurrybody
to go FISH

<º))))><    <º))))><      <º))))><    


Noll Joins the Club

Sammy's & Andy's MamaBug created a new klub for senior cats - the Kool Seniors Kitty Klub.  Cats 8 years & older, can join by sending in their name & photo.  Look for MamaBug's email address @ http://samandy007.blogspot.com/ 
Here are our KOOL badges....thank you MamaBug!  We loves them!!!:

Luigi is also a member of
the Cow Kitty Club and
The Half Butterfly Lip Dudes

Oh, I'm rather handsome here!
I'm also a member of the Naughty Kitty Club.
If you are naughty, you can join too
@ http://thenaughtykittyclub.blogspot.com/

Tiggy chose this photo for his badge
because he is smiling.
This is Tiggy's (his given name is Tigger btw) first klub.
Tiggy is just plain silly. 

Uncle Keaks is the oldest at 17
He's also seriously mancatly =^..^=
and seriously thrilled to be in his first klub!


Noll's Sunday Reflections on a Tuesday

Noll's lament.

There's never enough time to do
everything on my to-do list!
Such as:

Walking through the violets,
nibbling on the catnip,
piddling on the perennials,
napping, eating, being naughty,
chipmonk & birdie watching,
nibbling on the catnip,
meditating under my purple plum tree,
being a blogger's inspiration.....
yadda, yadda, yadda!

Maggie's lament is similar:

Here she is on Sunday, the day of rest!
Her tail is a blur.
She has lots on her to-do list,
which means that tail of hers
has to move at a consistently fast pace!
chasing Dotty,
playing fetch,
checking the fence line,
barking at the birds,
being a faithful companion,
visiting the back forty....

I wish I could find the pause button for us both!

Alas, for now,
I seek the solace & quiet shade
of my purple plum tree.
I think there's some time management
tips in there somewhere -
if only I had the time to look for them.


Noll's Sing Along.....

(Sung to the tune of
"These Boots are Made for Walking")

Deese paws is made for whapping,
and that's just what they'll do!
And one of deese days deese paws
is gonna whap all over you!

Whap, whap, whap, whap, whap, whap, whap....

Are you ready paws?....


 whap whap whap whap,