Noll's Saga of the Unexpected Guest Continues

His decision to come in and meet the "UnSteiff" cats having been made, 'Simba' Steiff took one long, wistful look at the garden paradise he had just enjoyed and bellowed "Farewell sweet magic mushroom trail. Auf Weidersehen my gutest, tastey nip!"

"Hallo, Ich bin 'Simba' Steiff," he said enthusiastically to Uncle Keaks. "A world famous "Steiff" with the 'button in ear.' I am quite valuable. You may have seen me in the hutch. Hallo?"

"What are you staring at?"

(You may recall, Keaks is a little hard of hearing.)

"WOW, birds, hey exciting! You do this a lot? Hallo? Anyone home? Woohoo, that nip is potent!"

"Ha Ha...That nip is like totally coursing through my veins like a D-Zug...hee hee... DURCHGANGSZUG. WOO! WOO!!. That's an express train to you. "

"Hey, my name is 'Simba' Steiff. I'm famous and I'm talking to you with my 'button in ear.' What is your name white UnSteiff cat who sits and stares!"

"Hallo!!! 'Simba' Steiff howled one last time. "UnSteiff Cat Got Your Tongue?"--


Amy said...

Yay - more of the story! This is such a cute story with great pictures - I hope there will be more!

corster said...

hahahaha. squeaker's face.

JC said...

Can't wait to read the next part.

corster said...

PS-the overhead shot of Squeaker and the Simba still crack me up.
I'm sitting here laughing to myself. We must share the same humor..wonder why?! ;)

pughy said...

Lovely story and the pictures have matched up great. Clever you, more please.
Hugs GJ x

The Creek Cats said...

Such an awesome adventure!!

We just noticed the art works on this blog.... they are amazing!!!