Noll on the Glories of the Day

Simplicity should not be underestimated. It is, in fact, the simple things which bring the heart the greatest joy. Nature is filled with simple, shining moments. These moments exist for the taking, for the embracing, for enriching the soul. Today, my soul found sustenance through sight, sound, touch. Outside, with the warm sun penetrating my silken coat, a drowsy drifted over me. My eyes grew heavy. My repose sublime. Through my flickering lids, I gathered up the gems of the day and wrapped myself in their glory:

Its migration complete, I spied the red-winged blackbird cracking black sunflowers seeds beneath the bare purple plum.

My padded paws planted firmly in place, I felt the damp, matted grass laid bare by February's thaw.

Through the leafless canopies, I heard the winds of change rattle the tree tops with resounding revelation. Winter has abated. Earth slumbers no more.

And, in my reverie, I felt the earth heave a sigh of relief. Truly, I did.

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