Noll Discusses Sense & Sensibility

Even as he sleeps, the ginger cat embodies sense and sensibility. Tiggy's sensitive nature is charged and pacing on the inside. There is no tip-toeing around him.
If he were a human child, Tiggy would know exactly where the wrapped Christmas presents were hidden and what was inside each....Don't even think about getting out a kibble treat without getting one for him (he might be upstairs in the back bedroom, but he heard you)....A virtual reconnaissance genius, Tiggy knows where the mouse will be before the mouse does....Something outside in the middle of the night? Tiggy is on it; moving in sync on the inside to keep it in sight....A chipmunk gathering peanuts on the deck? One moment slumbering, ZZZzzzzzzzz, the next, awake and pouncing at the pane.
While all felines possess sense and sensibility, it is a verisimilitude that Tiggy might have a few more grams then the rest of us. Do not let the full body slouch and tucked in head fool you. This Tabby's radar is on!


STUEY said...

how did you do the noll warholic picture I want to make one of simba or stuey webfetti was the cat pic I was asking about

Anonymous said...

The color tool on the photo edit function....turn the saturation to 100%. Results are pretty cool!