Noll: What "Finicky" Really Means

Ever since recorded time, we have been called “finicky” No doubt, even you might have tossed out the word to one of your own. So, what does “finicky” really mean in relation to a cat? Allow me to explain.

Scenario: You open a can. Perhaps a pricey salmon pate or a succulent chopped beef and gravy; only to have the object of your affection dip its nose, sniff and brush off both you and your offering.

Your Response: “Finicky” you say to the pointed tail that recedes from view.

Our Muted Response: HA! We toy with you. And, the game is delicious because, you do not know.

Fancy’s Real Meaning: We are not so much “finicky” as master players. You have just been played! Forget the snub. The warm-hearted, and most of you are, will acquiesce. You will open another can.

And, in our own time, we will eat both.


corster said...

Kind of like Keaks ;-)

Noll's Nip said...

Yes, Keaks has perfected the ruse!