Noll on Climbing Trees

To climb a tree is a simple task: animal limbs encountering tree limbs.

But, from ground level to the level of squirrels, eagles, pirates and Peter Pan, it is this small feat that set cats and, some humans, apart from all others.

My Own, in her childhood, spent many a day reaching up into the apple tree of her one true friend. On their living perch, they chatted the way girls do, spied on siblings, giggled, and ate one too many green apples. But oh, so high they were. They were daring. They were acrobatic. Beneath the leafing canopy, they were undaunted.

Incredible, how a mere three feet can change the world and open perspectives.

I know this. I too have climbed trees and soared. We cats, like little tomboys, are drawn to height like a sunflower draws to the moving sun. Oh, true and magnificent ‘height’ where reality and the sublimed converge. Intoxicate us!

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