Noll Shares Some Family Secrets

Meet the oldest living member of the family, Squeaker, a.k.a. Uncle Keaks circa 1993. A tiny poof of a kitten. Now, 15 and counting.

Keaks acquired his spanking good looks from his mama, Precious: same markings on the top of his head; same pipsqueak of a meow.

Uncle Keaks is very mannerly. Never crowds you when you're eating. Always gives you a second chance to revisit your bowl before honing in and devouring whatever morsel is left. My Own says he doesn't eat, he plows.

Squeaker's intelligence is profound. His demeanor calm and submissive - but to a point. He guards the pantry door like a soldier. Keaks acts like a sloth most of the time, but can burn out like a race car driver.

Most embarrassing secret - Squeaker 'pretend nursed' until he was around 5 years old. A Milksop! (just kidding).

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