Noll Introduces Luigi, the Big Dawg

Luigi's beginnings are truly feral. Born and found in a nearby field, Luigi came to live with My Own's family in 1995. His domain is grandma's room. The chair he cleaves to (see photo) is the most prized seat in the house. This irresistible accommodation has been a feline favorite since the 1970's. Poor grandma gets booted from her chair several times a day!

Luigi is no-nonsense. With two large black spots on his back and a half butterfly over his lip, he easily fools you into believing he wants to be fussed over. He does not. A formidable presence, he alone is permitted outside unattended; for which I seethe with envy.

Most embarrassing secret: A little brown bear - He totes it around and 'loves it' when he thinks no one is watching.

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