Noll Shares His Talents with Tiggy

Tiggy performing Act I of "A Prelude to a Smooch"

All who encounter me, 'Noll the Magnificent,' know me to be a performance artist. Moi, tres artist!

Oui, I am the master of emotion, facial expressions, and body language. And, I am gracious. Gracious enough to share my enormous talents with brother Tiggy. Tiggy is, for the most part, an astute understudy.
This evening, as daylight diminished, Tiggy and I practiced the soft look. The soft look is, essentially, speaking Love through the eyes. As you know, cat eyes are a universe unto themselves. All who gaze into our glistening orbs of energy and light are captivated by their everyday power. But, the soft look - now that gets you....ANYTHING....YOU....WANT.

Soft looks also garner lots of smooches.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

You are terribly talented!

The Island Cats said...

Oh Tiggy....mom wants to come through the screen and give you a smooch!!

Angel said...

You have the soft look down, Tiggy! We would give you a smooch!

Karen Jo said...

Yes, I could never resist that soft look. Tiggy, you have it down pat.

pughy said...

Yes no one can resist the soft look. The eyes say it all and you have got it just right.

Hugs Ginger Jasper xx

Tuck said...

I practice that same look Noll...the humans can't resist!ser

JC said...

The Eyes Have It Every Time !!!

Cat with a garden said...

Very true indeed! I do the soft look a lot, but my bold sisfur Chilli doesn't master it. Maybe I will practice with her more. Thank you for voting for me in the Kitty Fight Club! After several days of a comfy lead my opponent suddely has about 40 more votes than me. Win some,lose some!
Purrs, Siena