Noll: All the Colors of the Rainbow

Today, with the temperature a balmy 60 and the wind gently blowing, I rolled in the earth, I nibbled at the emerging catnip. My spirit soared at what I saw.

The daffodils and tulips are punching through the soil. A lone golden crocus blooms over Rascal's grave. Two white primroses have unfolded. The birds are a united twitter.

Though nature's pallet remains mostly hues of brown, green and a faded sky blue, earth slowly is squeezing out her remaining colors. No matter, I am all the colors of the rainbow today. The colors of life flow in my veins. For now, that will suffice.


STUEY said...

Stuey and Simba and Kia want to be like Noll --- just like a rainbow!

Naoma said...

I loved the story. The writing
is remarkable and takes one right
into the story! Have you ever
written a book?

Elyse K said...

Your very own emerging catnip garden ... mew are one lucky kitty, Noll!

Cassie (and Elyse)