Noll's Pretty Darn Exciting (Far from Easy) Sunday Adventure

Sunday, my purple plum tree was invaded by a hungry sparrow hawk!  The ample accipiter did not quietly approach.  Oh no!  It crashed into the upper limbs sending a bevvy of perching birds to wing and nearby bittersweet bush. 
And I, Noll, but a few feet away, tied to the deck because the grass was too wet. 
(As if I would melt walking through the dew!) But there I was, out of harm's way yet fiendishly close to the action.
The hawk isn't the only one with "hawk-eyes!"  Jumping up from her breakfast, I was immediately "rescued" and the hawk chased off.
A short time later, Tiggy, Uncle Keaks and I found ourselves outside enjoying the sunny Sunday morn.  I was tied to my tree sans hawk.  Uncle Keaks was getting into his sleep-sitting position.  Tiggy, by all appearances, was about to imbide in some nip - but what was on the other side of the nip was far more interesting.
A sparrow!  A dazed and confused sparrow.  Within nomming distance! 
Tiggy got a good sniff.  That's all he got.  Old "hawk-eyes" was at it again.
The avian delight was "rescued" and allowed to recover, hidden in the black-eyed Susans. 
It lived to fly another day.


JC said...

Close but no birdie today ...

Angel and Kirby said...

That was very close! You almost got a taste!

Daisy said...

Still, at least Tiggy got a good sniff of him!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Very exciting day.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow what a crazy day you had - a hawk and an injured sparrow! How often do you get to see all that in one day!

STUEY said...

We are filled with envy, we only get feathers to play with. By the way Mom asks what is Tigger laying in on the one picture. I say a blanket, but what is the design by his paw?

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Now that was an exciting day!

Reese =^..^= said...

That was VERY exciting!

Eric and Flynn said...

What an exciting day. Luckily our mum doesn't have such good hawk eyes and I have notched up my third Finch in four days. Mum is not happy with me, even though I bring them to her as a present.

Your Daily Cute said...

A birdie! So close! He looked kinda cute, Noll. Did you get his name?

Karen Jo said...

That was a very exciting Sunday. I hope Tigger really enjoyed his good sniff. Hawk-eyed Moms are always ready to pounce when things get really interesting.