Noll Offers Good Friday Thoughts

Joyous is the field of yellow, cream-colored daffodil.
Happy is the Easter chick, fluffy and newborn.
Blissful are the fruit trees puffy white or powder pink.
Glorious is the goldfinch, his golden hue reborn.
Faithful are the Spring Beauties flecking pale the forest floor.
Worthy is the Lamb.


Angel said...

That is beautiful. Happy Easter!

STUEY said...

Baby Stuey- Kia and Simba ( the meezers) say that they love their Auntie & niece $ and Grammy very much too! Happy Easter

Astrid S. said...

Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful soul...
Happy Easter dear Noll!!
Big hugs:)

Tuck said...

What a nice post! Happy Easter to you Noll!