Noll: The Art of the Nap

Napping can be viewed as an art. Performance art. Collectively, napping is a body of work aesthetically perfected by cats.

Allow me to enlighten the uninitiated.

Napping is governed by four fundamental principles. Taken separately, or in pairs, the art is adequately executed. Taken as the four pillared craft that it represents, napping is a beautiful contrivance beyond cunning. It is sheer genius.

A cautionary note - Napping is best suited to those who practice the art with regularity, passion and purpose. Hereupon are the four tenets:
  • First - Location, location, location

  • Second - Ambiance.

  • Third - Secrecy

  • Fourth - Longevity

Noll's Disclaimer: To avoid embarassment, poseurs should never attempt the art. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to marvel and delight quietly whenever you encounter a cat performing his art.


corster said...

I love this picture! When did you take it?

Noll's Nip said...

End of January. Tiggy has recently begun mimicing Noll by burrowing under coverlets and blankets. Tiggy is presently performing his art :)