Noll: "I know that I am; and I am content in the knowing."

Obiter Dictum

Are there not gods watching us from moon mountains
or hidden greenly in the leaves we touch,
when grass is crushed
by shoddenly-winged feet?

And are the birds not oracles:
sibling summers, springs, riding sweet
as sylphs living on air?

Then, do we not dare
look to where
the gods sit:
on ivory white thrones set deep
in an azure stone setting
and become Hellenic?

Drifting past countless Aegeans
that flux through our veins
keeping us from shore-stepping -
gracefully in a half shell with dolphin reins -
After our wombing seas;

To wonder the greater mystery
of ourselves, and of flowers,
after they
lose their will.

Kareen 10/2008
Photo courtesy of D. Ruda

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