Noll explains "Kitties from Heaven"

Some people believe God sends "pennies from Heaven" to remind us of loved ones. In the finding, we are comforted that the loved one is thinking of us; looking down on us from Heaven. Perhaps the date of the penny is the same as the birth year or year of departure. Believers say pennies appear when the soul needs lifting. I believe in pennies.

I also believe God sends to those whose soul needs special lifting, something more. For those with empty places, lonlieness or furry loss, God sends "kitties from Heaven." I know this. My brother Tiggy and I were such kitties.

Not long ago, My Own's sister and brother-in-law lost someone special. His name was Gizmo. Gizzy himself was once a "kitty from Heaven." Gizzy's earthly end marked the beginning of another's journey.
That kitten's name is Stuey.
Stuey doesn't recall how he got to the rustic ranch. All he knows is that the one who needed him most, heard his tiny mew; and, from across the road, spotted his little form.
The gentle hand that cupped him contained him completely.
My Own says they'll never forget Gizzy; but their hearts are filling once again.
Welcome Stuey. May your time here be long and happy.
Photo courtesy of D.Ruda

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